Consumer Experience Survey

The Consumer Experience Survey helps providers improve services through feedback. Anonymous and confidential, the survey captures multiple snapshots of the consumer’s experience with your services, measuring satisfaction in:

  • Service responsiveness
  • Respect
  • Informed choice
  • Participation
  • Overall value

uSPEQ’s core survey addresses the concerns of consumers across the spectrum of health and human services. Providers can also choose from a set of optional survey components targeting their specific field, such as employment and community services, child and youth services, aging services and continuing care, and services for those with developmental disabilities. Finally, uSPEQ offers fully customized survey components to address your unique organizational goals.

A dedicated member of the uSPEQ support team walks you through the process and helps you create the questionnaire, set up an online collection method, and interpret the final report.

Your success depends on delivering services that meet consumer needs. uSPEQ’s comprehensive report of survey results sharpens your focus on where you are best meeting those needs and where you may need to adapt. Gathering consumer feedback demonstrates both your value and your accountability to the individuals you serve, to prospective consumers, and to funders. That speaks volumes.

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uSPEQ has assisted us with getting accurate and confidential feedback from those we serve. By getting honest feedback, we can use this information to improve our service delivery.

The most appealing feature is that it can be done by the person and their support provider in their own home. They can take their time and provide quality feedback.

I use uSPEQ because of its reliability and validity. I really like the benchmarking it does against organizations across the states. It gives us a greater view of how we are doing as compared to others. The other reason I use uSPEQ is because of the service from the uSPEQ team. It is so much easier than trying to develop a tool and administer it ourselves.

uSPEQ adds value to our organization by being a survey tool that has been researched and developed to measure what we are trying to measure. The results are summarized by the team and I believe folks are more likely to provide honest quality feedback when it is confidential. Having good feedback helps us to improve and expand the services we provide.

Debby Graham, Executive Director CenterForce, Lakewood, WA