Employee Climate Survey

Your employees implement your mission and drive service delivery. Insight into their satisfaction provides insight into the health of your organization.

The uSPEQ Employee Climate Survey gathers and analyzes employee feedback to help leadership determine what is working and what needs to change. Responses are anonymous and confidential, allowing you to gauge employee satisfaction in:

  • Organizational climate—culture, communication, leadership
  • Workgroup—teamwork, management support
  • Staff support—work environment, staff development, compensation and recognition

The customizable survey captures diverse aspects of each employee’s experience with these key areas that impact their day-to-day work. A comprehensive uSPEQ report synthesizes the feedback and highlights areas of highest and lowest employee satisfaction, allowing you to focus improvement efforts where they count.

Your dedicated uSPEQ representative supports you at every step, from developing customized survey questions and setting up your survey delivery system to helping you interpret the results.

uSPEQ customers recognize the impact of employee satisfaction on:

  • Employee retention
  • Organizational stability
  • Employee engagement
  • Delivery of quality services
  • Satisfaction of the individuals receiving services

In short, a checkup on your employees’ working climate—as they experience it—is a wellness check on your organization. Find out how you’re doing with uSPEQ.

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uSPEQ’s professional staff makes the administration of a survey to over 550 people virtually effortless.

Our team members and senior management look forward to each year’s uSPEQ survey as it provides our team with a confidential platform to let us know how we are performing as an organization. We chose uSPEQ to administer our survey for a variety of reasons: our team feels safe to provide very open feedback as it is administered by a third party; the survey results are received in a very timely manner and we are able to both measure our year-to-year progress as well as compare our results to other organizations in the sector by using uSPEQ’s Consumer Benchmark Reports. The ability to add custom questions to the survey is a great tool to get feedback on an issue or employer initiative.

After we receive our uSPEQ results, our management team meets to prepare an action plan to address any items where we aren’t meeting our benchmark of 80% employee satisfaction.

Gina Rowan, Director of Administration posAbilities Association of British Columbia, Burnaby, BC